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Ole Miss Rebels Bone ID Tag - Hillman Group

Ole Miss Rebels Bone ID Tag - Hillman Group

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Ole Miss Rebels Bone ID Tag - Hillman Group Ole Miss Rebels Bone ID Tag - Hillman Group-



Each tag is made of anodized aluminum, measuring 1-1/2" x 1", and painted with the team logo. A split ring connector is included with each purchase. WE NOW INCLUDE A FREE PET TAG SILENCER WITH EVERY TAG ORDERED AT NO ADDITIONAL COST!

Tired of hearing your pet's collar jingle with his every movement? The Pet ID Tag Silencer reduces the noise created from ID tags clanking against other tags, charms, and other metal components on your pet's collar. The silencer also offers some protection against scratching from other tags and glows in the dark.

Important Information:

Please note that the text will be CAPITALIZED block letters and automatically centered and sized for the best fit. The size of the characters changes with the number of lines and characters entered. Fewer lines and characters on a line result in larger letters and vice versa. Be aware that even one long line will cause the font size of all other lines to be very small since they must be sized to match the long line in order to look right, and a small font size is harder to read (e.g. it becomes harder to tell a "6" from an "8", etc).

If you are concerned about font size, consider abbreviating as much as possible (ST instead of STREET, N instead of NORTH, etc), leaving off punctuation marks unless absolutely necessary, and limiting engraving to only the basic, vital info needed to get your lost pet back. We are happy to engrave long texts, but simply want you to make an informed decision that it will cause a small font size. Tag may be engraved up to 28 characters per line and up to 4 lines may be used. You do not have to use all 4 lines, and you may purchase a blank tag.


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